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I have had a helping hand. So I am going to keep this journal about my classes and dreams. O.K. first dream is to have kids(we all know who by). Second dream would be to get over my fears(all of them!).

I did have to fight Logan, Scott and Henry, but it was for graduating a class. I did get knocked out, but for only two days. Henry has been acting funny since then, but it could be from this stupid required journal. If a journal is to be required it should be graded on imagination, grammar, truth and if it is psychologically beneficial. No one asked me though.

I have an exam soon for my telekinetics class. Hope I pass this time. This makes the third time I have tried. I am hung up on the heighth and speed in which you must do things. I freeze up when nervous and look for someone to tell me what to do. After the initial "blonde moment" I'm fine. If I don't pass from good grades, maybe I can pass from memorizaton. TOTS. I gotta go 2 minutes left.
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