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Gigs up!

Tall blue and handsome found my stuff. Tried to stop him from tossing them out and blacked out. A bag was beside me and I was very sore. I ripped open one of my scars. He found the others while trying to stop the bleeding. I got the third degree, and surgery to repair the damage Logan the obscene did. Still working for tall blue and handsome, just not at the lab. I'm cleaning his place at a school for gifted youngsters. Logan won't let me lift anything over 5 pounds. Finally had to tell Dr.McCoy why I want Logan in China while I'm there. I have a different "babysitter" now,Ms.Monroe. Still not letting me lift over 5 pounds, but now I can't work more than 2 hours. She has been making me take a nap! As soon as she leaves the room I get up and clean in the dark, until she comes in and makes me lay down again. Dr.McCoy came by upset I haven't rested as he hoped. He also can't find any trace of me, computer or paper wise. I explained the whole story from abduction to escape. As I thought I'm not in the right dimention. He explained I'm supposed to be in bed recovering not cleaning and the job in Stark's lab was just to get me here at the school. Tall blue and handsome comes by every two hours to make sure I'm resting. Found me in the tub today,asleep. Now I'm not allowed to bathe alone. Refused to bathe until he either joined me or releases me from custody. His friends snickered, but he stomped off saying he will see me later. Maybe. I'll let you know.
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